Q: Which salmon rod licence should I buy?

A Licence – €100 (including €50 conservation fund)

This type of licence is an annual licence and entitles you to fish for salmon and sea trout in all Fishery Districts, regardless of where you purchased the licence.

B Licence – €56 (including €28 conservation fund)

This type of licence entitles you to fish for salmon and sea trout in a specific district within Inland Fisheries Ireland.  Anglers may only use the B licence in the district for which it has been purchased.

There are 17 Fishery Districts in 6 River Basins as follows;

Eastern River Basin (Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin Fishery Districts)

South Eastern River Basin (Wexford,Waterford Fishery Districts)

South Western River Basin (Lismore, Cork, Kerry Fishery Districts)

Shannon River Basin (Limerick Fishery District)

Western River Basin (Bangor, Ballina, Sligo, Galway, Connemara, Ballinakill Fishery Districts)

North Western River Basin (Ballyshannon, Letterkenny Fishery Districts)

R Licence – €40 (including €20 conservation fund)

The R licence is an all-districts licence which is valid for 21 consecutive days in all Fishery Districts.

P Licence – €10 (including €5 conservation fund)

The P licence is a juvenile, all-districts licence for anglers up to and including 17 years of age and entitles you to fish for salmon and sea trout in all Fishery Districts.

S Licence – €20 (including €10 conservation fund)

The S licence is a single day, all-districts licence and entitles you to fish for salmon and sea trout in all Fishery Districts.

W Licence – €80 (including €40 conservation fund)

For an angler who has purchased a Lough Agency License and wishes to fish in the Republic, an additional ‘extension’ license, the Foyle Area Extension License, would have to be purchased at €80.

X Special Local Licence – €24 (including €12 conservation fund)

This licence covers the Erne in Ballyshannon and the River Lackagh in Letterkenny.

There are angling restrictions on some rivers. (See salmon angling regulations for further information). A separate fishing permit may also be required on various rivers. This licence is not available online. Please check with your local Inland Fisheries Ireland office for further information.

Q: Does it cost more to buy a licence online?

No, licence fees are the same as those charged by all licence distributors.


Q: What do I do if I experience difficulties purchasing a licence online?

Check any error messages that may appear and make the necessary corrections. Remember

to follow all the instructions carefully. If you get stuck, or have made a mistake with the

application, you can contact the relevant IFI Office where you are purchasing the licence.

Contact information is as follows

IFI, Dublin +353 1 – 8842600 IFI, Galway +353 91 – 563118

IFI, Clonmel +353 52 – 6180055 IFI, Ballina +353 96 – 22788 IFI

IFI, Macroom +353 26 – 41221 IFI, Ballyshannon +353 71 – 9851435

IFI, Limerick +353 61 – 300238


Q: How do I know my online purchase has been successful?

At the end of the transaction a confirmation page is displayed and you should receive an email when the order is received and again, when the order is dispatched.


Q: How soon can I fish after I have bought my licence online?

You can start fishing for salmon and sea trout as soon as you are in possession of the

licence. You should receive your licence, logbook and gill tags within four working days.


Q: Does a confirmation receipt of licence order entitle me to fish?

NO, ANGLERS MUST BE IN POSSESSION OF A VALID LICENCE BEFORE FISHING FOR SALMON OR SEA TROUT. This can take up to 4 working days following a confirmation receipt of licence order and postage times.


Q: How many rods does a rod licence entitle me to use?

You are only allowed to use one fishing rod at any one time.


Q: Lost Your Licence? – here’s what to do

If you have lost or damaged your rod licence, please send the relevant IFI office a brief

letter explaining what has happened, and detail us your full name, address, date of birth and if you have it, your licence number.


Q: Who needs a licence?

The angler is legally required to be in possession of a licence when fishing for salmon or sea trout.


Q: Can I still purchase a licence in my licence distributors?

Angling licences can be bought from a number of sources, including fishing tackle shops and fishery offices. Contact your local Inland Fisheries Ireland for further information.


Q: What methods of payment are accepted?

VISA, LASER and MASTERCARD are all accepted